Strange dilemma

Homes in the beautiful Saddleback area of California pretty much sell themselves. But people have to find out about the community first. EV created a website for Lisa Post ~ Letourneau | Laguna Woods Properties Realtor and assisted her with a search optimization strategy.

Now she is busy with inquiries from retirees throughout the US who are ready to Go West and settle in gorgeous Laguna Woods Village.
After Lisa’s partner retired, she immediately set out to customize her new website with a focus on SEO optimization. The competitive nature of her business required adding custom Google account services, including location-based company data and client testimonial elements. By embedding the proprietary MLS feed insertion links within the site, EV ensured that potential clients will always see up-to-date data for Lisa’s active listings, as well as data for other listings available in the community.

Within a few weeks of launch, Lisa announced she had received her first cold call from the new website and that it led to the sale of a high-end property. She noted that she and her former partner had never once – in five years – received a cold call from the old website they created using a canned business template. Lisa is eager to further enhance her social media savvy.

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